Chicken Coop Plans

chicken coop plans

Ever thought of raising chickens in your own backyard?

Believe it or not, it is increasingly popular.

Chickens are inexpensive and easy to care for. All they need is a chicken coop and a yard to range freely. You can even build your own DIY coop relatively easily and cheaply with a good set of chicken coop plans.

More importantly, you will be taking a step closer towards sustainable living!

It is a great way to ensure that you are eating fresh, nutritious, great-tasting eggs from happy healthy hens. Of course, there are also people who raise chickens for their meat.

As chickens love to roam freely around the yard feeding on pests and grass, you can effectively say goodbye to expensive and toxic chemicals for bug or weed controls! The chicken poo and eggshells also make great fertilizers for the lawn.

Chickens make great pets too as they are interesting and great fun to watch and play with. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, you will also realise that each chicken has its own unique, quirky but endearing personality.

Getting Started With a Chicken Coop…

Before the chicken or egg, you will first need a coop.

There are really 2 options to get your chicken coop – purchase pre-made ones that come in different sizes and deisgns or build a DIY chicken coop on your own.

Do not be put off by the second option.

Very often, building your own backyard chicken coop can be an enjoyable and rewarding process. It is cost-effective and not as difficult as imagined if you have the right tools and a good set of chicken coop plans.

I am one of those who prefer to build my own for the satisfaction and pride that it brings once the project is completed.

The Quest to Find the Perfect Chicken Coop Plan for a Beginner

Once you have set your mind to build your own chicken coop, you have to begin exploring the various chicken coop plans that are available to you and select the one that best suits you.

Needless to say, when I first started I was lost. As it was my first venture into raising chickens, I have no idea what a perfect home for the chickens should look like!

Dimensions, materials, insulation, ventilation, lighting, positioning, nesting, perches, waste collection and protection… everything seemed so complicated and foreign.

It turned out that building my own DIY chicken coop was the best decision I have made! I was able to build an attractive and functional chicken coop relatively easily at just a fraction of the cost of purchasing a pre-made one.

Let me share some very practical tips that will be very helpful when it comes to picking out your favourite plans to follow through.

Lessons Learned…

Almost instinctively, most of us will turn to search engines like Google and Yahoo to look for our chicken coop plans. While there are certainly many free building plans floating around on the Internet, you should probably steer clear of them.

Having searched for lots of workable chicken coop plans online myself, I know first-hand how difficult it is to obtain quality plans for my backyard project.

Hopefully, can save you from the agony and allow you to find chicken coop blueprints that you can utilize right away.

Very often, the free building plans found online are vague and of poor quality. The instructions are not clear, diagrams are not detailed and not drawn to scale, measurements are not accurate and the material list is incomplete… sometimes it’s just simply WRONG.

Of course, there are still possibly some good ones out there but it takes too much hassle to sieve them out. I have wasted my time on failed projects on numerous occasions by following some grossly inaccurate plans!

To save time and avoid frustration, I realised it is more worthwhile to invest in a set of high quality DIY chicken coop plans – one that is reasonably-priced, of course.

chicken coop plans 2Chicken Coop Plans that Worked!

I started visiting forums and participated in the most active and reputable ones, hoping to find some good advice. Finally, I found what I was looking for…

Keene’s “Building a Chicken Coop” ebook is a comprehensive guide with high quality chicken coop plans.

He provided a wide range of designs to choose from, depending on your budget and needs of big or small coops. As Keene is an experienced poultry farmer, the chicken coops are well-planned and designed to be easy-to-clean-and-maintain.

I am impressed by the overall quality. With the help of step-by-step instructions, easy to follow diagrams and complete material and equipment lists, even a novice woodworker would have no trouble.

More than Building Plans…

Using very simple terms, Keene touches on every aspect that you need to get ready before your flock arrives. Keene also provides practical tips on how to locate and position the chicken coop in your backyard as well as how to customize the designs to your needs.

The placement of the coop should not be overlooked as it affects the ventilation and lighting for your home-bred chickens, as well as protecting the newly built coop from dampness.

Keene also provided practical tips to caring your chicken and good housekeeping of the chicken coops to ensure that your chickens stay healthy and happy in their new home.

With the help of Keene, I was able to build a chicken coop that my chickens are pleased with. You, too, can enjoy this rewarding process!

About This Website

This website is divided into two main sections:

  1. Chicken Coop Plans and Information
  2. Recommended Products

The section about “Chicken coop plans and Information” is where you will find details about the best places to obtain the blueprints to jumpstart your chicken coop woodworking project.

The topics covered include:

Each of these pages gives specific tips and suggestions about things you need to do to design and build your own backyard chicken coop from scratch, as well, tips to taking care of your chickens.

I’ll be adding more tips and advice, as well as, new articles to these over time.

The section with “Recommended Products” is where I’ve reviewed 1 of the products that are highly rated and allow beginners or veteran woodworkers to construct their own chicken coops in their backyards. (Building A Chicken Coop).

I’ve personally used the guide and it indeed provides great value and contains interesting chicken coop plans that are easy to build. You can find out more in my detailed reviews:

What’s Next

Most people who visit this website are looking for simple and easy to use chicken coop plans.

If that is what you’re after, then I highly recommend you check out Building A Chicken Coop by Bill Keene, who is very knowledgeable in the poultry industry.

Building A Chicken Coop is the #1 selling e-book on the internet which contains the sought after step-by-step instructions for building chicken coops of all sizes using simple tools that are easily available.

It includes information on important considerations even before you build your hen house, and the after care of the chickens once the coop is built, all drawn from his years of experience as a poultry farmer. I recommend you check that out right now.

Click Here To Check Out Building A Chicken Coop

Apart from that, I encourage you to browse through my website and refer it to your friends who might benefit from the tips here. Do visit often!

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  1. Beatrice

    Hi, thanks for the info being shared here! I just moved to the country and I’ve never had such a backyard and I’m thinking about keeping some chickens for the eggs to feed my family of 6, but not so much for the meat. Can you recommend some of the chicken breeds I should be looking at?

    • Yohannes

      Hi Beatrice. You’re most welcome. Typically you will be looking at the common laying breeds, such as White Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds. Be sure to be gentle with them as these birds can become nervous sometimes.

  2. Gavan Leong

    It wasn’t until I found this site that I finally completed my chicken coop project. Thanks for the tips:)

    • Yohannes

      Hi Gavan, glad to hear this from you. Do send me some pictures of your coop if it is convenient for you to do so. Good luck!

  3. Paula

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about chicken coop plans.

    • Yohannes

      You’re welcome Paula! Remember, you can always get more info here!

  4. Bould

    Not sure if it’s appropriate, but does anyone think that colour of the coop interior will affect the egg laying rate? I raise my chics for their eggs.

    • Yohannes

      Honestly, Bould…I dun think it does. Having said that, I haven’t experimented with many colors at all. I usually like bright colors to lighten up the atmosphere. If you have more info on that, do share with us!


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