Raising chickens in the backyard is fast becoming a very popular hobby. Some people do it purely for recreational purposes – chickens do make excellent pets once you get to know them – while others do it to earn some extra income.

Selling organic eggs laid by home-raised chickens can really be a very lucrative business venture, particularly in urban areas where access to healthy organic foods can be difficult, not to mention expensive.

If you are thinking of going into this kind of activity, the first thing you need to do before procuring your chickens would be to build a chicken coop.

There are many stores out there that sell pre-made chicken coops that you can easily assemble at home, which would be a wonderful option for people who don’t have much time or who are not particularly skilled in carpentry or DIY construction.

However, most people do still prefer to build their own chicken coops instead of buying the commercially prepared ones because of many reasons.

To be more specific, you can enjoy several benefits of building a chicken coop, such as the following:

  • Lower cost. Buying a chicken coop kit from the stores may be very convenient because these kits usually contain every single thing that you need, down to the screws and a detailed set of instructions. However, it will be considerably cheaper for you gather all the materials yourself, especially if you already have some spare pieces of wood lying around the garage.
  • Customized construction. You can build exactly the kind of chicken coop that you want if you do your own construction. You won’t be limited by what is available in the stores or in the online instructions that you can find. You can also ensure that the chicken coop will be a perfect match to your backyard.
  • Opportunity for family bonding. If you have kids, building a chicken coop in the backyard can be an awesome activity that you can do with them over a couple of weekends. Of course, the tasks that you would delegate to your kids will depend on their age and their propensity for handling tools.
  • Potential for future business. If you find that you have a knack for building chicken coops, you can do this as an income-earning activity for other people who want to raise chickens but don’t have time to build their own coops.

Building a chicken coop is really not very difficult even if you have not done it before, thanks to the many simple instructions that are now easily downloadable over the Internet.

When choosing a plan to follow, however, you would have to take into consideration some very important elements like the amount of available space in your backyard, the kind of terrain that you have, the number of chickens that you want to keep, and so on.

With proper planning and preparation, you can have your own DIY chicken coop within a few short days and pretty soon, you will be enjoying a supply of fresh organic eggs every morning.

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