bill keeneRaising chickens in your own backyard is a fun, fulfilling, and profitable activity that many people enjoy as an alternative to gardening.

It may sound daunting at first to think about building out such structure on your own with many complex tools coming to your mind.

However, Bill Keene, author of Building A Chicken Coop has made it extremely easy for total beginners to begin constructing their chicken coops with the simplest of tools.

For the slightly advanced in their carpentry skills, there are invaluable tips to take away including the positioning of the coop, the best materials to use, et cetera.

Building A Chicken Coop is a step-by-step guide on building different kinds of chicken coops, depending on your requirements and locality.

It is in the form of digital book and downloadable in PDF format which can be conveniently printed out for easy reference and note taking as you build your chicken coop confidently.

You can follow along with the detailed color step-by-step plans with scale diagrams and dimensions that are presented clearly on different angles.

Bill Keene writes it as a guide that assumes the reader has no carpentry knowledge.

Hence, it is written in clear, simple, and concise manner without burdening the readers with technical terms.

Besides the main PDF guide, Bill Keene has thrown together fast action bonuses which consist of 4 PDF guides addressing the following – how to best position your chicken coop, how to use common materials to build free nesting boxes, the best materials for the ground and lastly, the cheapest material to be used in building your own chicken coop.

These accompanying bonuses provide very useful information from beginners to those experienced in the poultry industry about how to ensure that your attempt at raising chickens is flawless from the very beginning.

Not only that, the educator in Bill Keene ensures that his customers learn not just about building chicken coops in the backyard, but also about the art of raising chickens.

For people who are serious in raising their chickens healthily, the additional information provided in the guide is invaluable.

Bill Keene talks about the various chicken breeds and categorizes them according to their purposes – for poultry or for eggs.

He also discusses the climate and points out the different breeds of chicken that thrive in different climates.

Besides that, on-going care and maintenance for the chickens as well as your coop are outlined so that those who are new do not get overwhelmed by their new found responsibility.

Furthermore, he goes into some details about the natural predators of your pets and how you can protect your pets from being attacked.

Many critics may argue that pre-made chicken coops can be purchased rather easily and there is no need to waste time on trying to build one yourself.

However, building your own chicken coop from scratch using simple tools as outlined in the Building A Chicken Coop blueprint gives immense satisfaction and deep sense of fulfillment.

It hones your carpentry skills, allows you to spend time outdoor, and presents you with bragging rights to your family and neighbors.

Not only that, you often find that you save at least 50% of the cost if you would build it yourself rather than purchasing the pre-made coop that is of the same, if not more inferior material.

Bill Keene makes sure that you are entirely satisfied with his clear and concise blueprints by offering a 60-day money back guarantee as he stands by his flagship product.

Indeed, if you want to get started with your low cost backyard chicken coop project with simple tools, we highly recommend buying the product that Bill Keene created – Building A Chicken Coop.

It is a highly acclaimed product by many satisfied chicken owners and you too, will soon be able to leverage his experience and knowledge in the poultry industry over many years and start raising chickens like an expert.

You can check out my review of the product here.

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