chicken coop ideasRaising chickens is an exciting undertaking. There are several things to think about before you start.

You want your chicken coop to be the right size and the right kind for the chicken raising operation you want.

You need to get chicken coop ideas that will align with your chicken coop plans.

How Many Chickens Do You Want And What Kind of Chickens?

Before you pick out or build your chicken coop, you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish.

Do you want to go into the egg business, or chicken raising business, or both? This will determine your chicken coop ideas about the type and size of the coop you need.

What Equipment Will You Need And What Type of Equipment?

Before you can solidify your chicken coop ideas, you will need to know what equipment will be inside your coop.

You may need incubators, equipment to feed and water your chickens, perhaps brooders.

The equipment may be a deciding factor in determining if you want a small, medium or large chicken coop.

Where Do You Want To Place Your Chicken Coop?

The location of the chicken coop is a very important consideration while determining your chicken coop ideas.

Do you want it to be behind your house, behind the garage or barn? Do you want it to be out of sight or do you want it to be on display?

The coop should be in a place that is easily accessible, you will be making trips to the coop to feed and collect eggs.

You don’t want the coop to be near your driveway or the road. Chickens are not good at getting out of the way of vehicles, and they are not in a hurry!

What Kind of Chicken Coop Do You Want?

Maybe the biggest decision in your chicken coop ideas is what type of coop you want. Some things to consider is, how easy to clean will your chicken coop be?

You want a chicken coop that is easy to clean, easy to feed and water the chickens. You need to be able to gather the eggs comfortably (they really didn’t mean to peck you).

In your chicken coop ideas, know that chicken coops come in different sizes and types. They can be beautiful and sophisticated, or simple and functional.

You can even get a chicken coop tractor; you can change the location of the coop tractor whenever you want. (You may want the coop to be in a different place in the winter than the summer).

Also, the coop is up off the ground, this has some advantages and disadvantages.

Will You Have Plenty of Help With The Chickens?

The amount of help you will have with the chickens will be a deciding factor for your chicken coop ideas. If you have a lot of helpers, you may not need as many conveniences in the chicken coop.

You will want to plan out how the chickens will be cared for and how the eggs will be collected, and how much breeding you plan to do. This will help determine your chicken coop ideas.

With careful planning at the start, your experience with raising chickens and getting a supply of eggs will be a rewarding experience. You will have a good yield of eggs and chickens.

Perhaps your house is where your neighbors will come to buy eggs. This will supply you with a chance to get to know them and form new or stronger relationships, while having an income for your efforts and chicken coop ideas.

Your chicken coop ideas will result in a win-win situation. Keep your eye on the goal as you plan.

Get to know others who have chicken coops and learn from their experiences. Enjoy your new experience, enjoy those fresh eggs and the occasional chicken dinner!

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