Building your own chicken coop can be a very rewarding experience. This is why many aspiring chicken farmers choose to construct their own coops instead of buying one of those pre-made kits that are available in many stores today.

Before starting on your chicken coop project, however, there are a few things that you would have to prepare to ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible.

For instance, you have to obtain the appropriate plans or instructions for creating the coop.

If you are a skilled carpenter, you can draft these plans yourself but if you are not that proficient in DIY construction projects, you can just purchase a plan online or even find one that can be downloaded for free.

In any case, once you have the plans ready, you will then have to acquire the necessary materials that you need to start building.

In addition to the materials that you will have to buy, like wooden planks and nails, you will also have to prepare some essential hand tools for your project.

Following is a list of all the vital tools that you will need for a basic chicken coop project:

  • Hammer – Obviously, you will need to use a hammer to nail together the wooden planks that will make up the basic frame of the chicken coop.
  • Measuring tape – Accuracy of measurements is very important if you want to build a durable and sturdy home for your chickens.
  • Level – Sometimes the edges and corners would appear to be straight and perfectly angled when you look at it but unless you actually check them with a level, they might turn out to be slanted, which would make your chicken coop unstable and wobbly when finished.
  • Framing square – This is a tool used to ensure that the wood pieces you have are cut to a perfect right angle, again to ensure the stability of the finished construction project.
  • Electric drill – A hammer and nails would be necessary to temporarily hold together wooden pieces of your coop but when you get down to the finishing touches, you would want to secure these connections more tightly with the use of screws. An old-fashioned screwdriver can also work but using this can be tiring to your hands and wrists, so an electric drill is much more preferable.
  • Saw – As with the screwdriver, a regular hand saw would work well but if you want to save time and effort in cutting wooden pieces, you might want to consider using a circular or table saw.

As you can see, you don’t really need to look for sophisticated tools in order to build a perfectly functional chicken coop.

In fact, most of the tools listed above might already be sitting in your garage or toolbox.

However, if you prefer to use the electric tools, you have to realize that they might be rather expensive to buy so if you are just going to use them for this one project, you could just borrow them from someone you know.

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