how to build a chicken coopThere are many different types of chicken coops that can be built, and no one design is right for everyone.

Many people wonder how to build a chicken coop on their own, but it isn’t hard.

All that is needed to begin is knowing about how many chickens you want to have in your yard.

The answer to how to build a chicken coop begins with the knowledge that each bird will need its own space.

You will need about ten inches of space inside the shelter area, and three feet of space for each bird in the yard.

Plan for how to build a chicken coop for each bird you will have present.

A good chicken coop will have two components: a sheltered area, and a completely fenced in yard.

Your chickens should be returned to the coop yard and secured inside every evening for their own safety.

It is important to plan for the coop to be tall enough so that you can enter comfortably. The coop will need to be cleaned routinely, and eggs must be gathered.

This is easier if you can stand and move around easily.

Building a chicken coop needs you to understand that every corner post must be at least twelve inches into the ground to create stability.

Measure four corner posts to the same length, and two additional posts that are twelve inches taller than the others. Place the four shorter poles at the far corners of the entire coop. The two taller posts will be sank at the shelter to yard transition area.

For the sheltered half of the chicken coop, good how to build a chicken coop instructions call for a solid floor to be constructed. Place beams in one direction across the ground, then secure floor boards on top of these to elevate the coop. This will keep your chickens out of puddles when it rains. Attach chicken wire along the entire base of the transition to the open yard.

Some plans that address how to build a chicken coop instructions include making secure walls for the shelter area.

Build up the walls all the way to the top, careful not to leave any open gaps.

If you wish to cut windows for ventilation, remember to cover these in chicken wire. Board up the front side of the shelter, installing the door leading into the fenced-in yard only for the safety of your hens.

When you reach the top, secure boards between each set of same-sized posts. To these, nail boards to form a diagonal roof. Cover with shingles to keep your chickens dry. To the front of the high end of the roof, attach chicken wire across the entire length.

Connecting the chicken wire to the shelter area is a good step in how to build a chicken coop the right way. Any open gap is a chance for a predator to get into the chicken coop. Secure the wire frequently and check it weekly. Run wire along the entire floor area and cover it with soil after it has been secured to the sides.

The vertical wire should be of firmer make than the top and bottom wire. Secure wire along both sides of the chicken coop. Install one door leading into the chicken yard by connecting the front two yard beams with wooden cross-beams at the top and bottom. Build a door frame along these, and install a door that you can lock securely.

The final aspect of how to build a chicken coop ends with the needs of the chickens. Place one nesting box for every five birds, and perching boards, on the inside of the shelter from ten inches above the ground and up. Install feeders and watering troughs in the yard.

Find Out More…

Hopefully you have found the tips and suggestions on this page to be useful.

However, if you are serious about learning how to build a chicken coop with the simplest materials and tools, you need detailed plans that you can follow along that are detailed and precise.

I strongly recommend that you check out Building A Chicken Coop by Bill Keene to find out more about the various chicken coop plans that are available.

Keene has provided different plans depending on your needs and the area you have available in your backyard and how you can build them in a fun and easy manner.

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