Mobile chicken coops are becoming more and more popular these days among backyard chicken farmers compared to the much larger traditional hen house structures that are permanently set up in one corner of the yard.

This is not really surprising, considering the vast benefits that can be enjoyed from a mobile chicken coop.

Basically, a mobile chicken coop is a structure that can easily be moved from place to place as it is not permanently affixed to the ground.

Although most people do prefer this kind of structure, it is not the best choice for everybody.

If you are considering buying or putting up your own mobile chicken coop, it might be a good idea to learn more about them before making your final decision, starting with their advantages over traditional coops.

  • They are less expensive. First of all, mobile coops are usually smaller in size and thus require fewer materials to build, resulting in a more affordable total cost. If you are thinking of building one yourself, you can even use spare pieces of wood that might be lying around in your yard or garage instead of buying larger brand new pieces.
  • They are easier to clean. In order to clean a conventional hen house, it would need to be in close proximity to a water source, which is not always the case if the coop is built in the middle of the yard. Cleaning these coops can also make the surrounding ground muddy. On the other hand, if you have a mobile chicken coop, you can simply take it to the garage or any place with a concrete floor, where cleaning would be easier and less messy.
  • They are very durable. This is not to say that traditional hen houses are not durable but with mobile chicken coops, the durability factor is a given as it needs to be able to sustain the constant moving around. The materials used in store-bought mobile chicken coops are usually durable enough to withstand different kinds of weather.
  • They provide more versatile protection to the chickens. In areas where the weather changes frequently, mobile chicken coops are highly recommended. You can easily move it to a shaded area in the yard when it gets too sunny, or you can take it to a roofed area in case of heavy rains. You can even move the coop inside the garage at night to protect your chickens from wandering predators such as cats and dogs.

Of course, there are also a few disadvantages to these mobile coops, starting with their smaller size.

This should not be an issue if you are just planning on taking care of a few chickens to provide for your daily supply of fresh eggs, for instance.

But if you are thinking of going into business and raising chickens for the purpose of selling, even the largest mobile chicken coop may not be big enough to accommodate all the chickens that you will eventually have in your yard.

In this case, a permanent chicken coop might be a better option.

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